Shanden Thedford

Shanden Thedford

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First Name * Shanden
Last Name * Thedford
Username * TFord
Country * USA
City Beaverton
Nationality American
Languages English




As long as I can remember I've always been able to draw. My shortfall was that I always needed something to look at. I never was able to go to any art school, and there were no book stores in inner city chicago. I eneded up going to the Navy becoming a missile technician. During deployment I injured my C5/6 nerve root and it went misdiagnosed for years. Apparently as a result Im living with Reflex Sympothetic Dystrophy....Its a neurological condition that can be described with one word...PAIN. March of 08 I had a stroke, which forced my medical retirement. I'm working full time untill my wife finishes school, at which point I plan to attend The Art Institute of Portland. My major will either be game animation and design, or 3d animation. I feel so far behind sometimes that it almost dosen't seem worth starting from scratch. But I know theres nothing I'd rather do than be able to draw for a living. I've just got to take advantage of the opportunity I have and start back drawing, and teach myself how to draw without something to look at, while taking the time to learn photoshop, maya, and zbrush.

Any advice, or inspirational words are welcome, and thanks for taking the time to learn a little something about me.